Oregon Cascades Birding Trail Fact Sheet

The Oregon Cascades Birding Trail is a self-guided auto tour highlighting nearly 200 prime birding destinations in the Oregon Cascades. The trail traces more than 1,200 miles of existing highways and byways, showcasing the region's spectacular scenery and wildlife. The project follows a growing trend of birding trail development across the country, where local partnerships result in bird conservation and sustainable economic development for sponsoring communities. The Cascades Trail will be the first of up to seven birding trails in Oregon highlighting the state's tremendous scenic values and habitat diversity.

The Oregon Cascades Birding Trail runs down both sides of the Cascade Mountains, connecting around Mt. McLoughlin to the south and Mt. Hood to the north. These two main routes will also join at a number of mountain crossings, creating five smaller loops, each with its own unique features.

-- To diversify local economies by expanding the tourism market and tapping into the rapidly-growing constituency of recreational birders;
-- To foster cooperation among widely dispersed communities and the state's public and private sectors;
-- To catalyze increased awareness of bird species and habitat conservation issues throughout the Cascades; and,
-- To introduce Oregon residents and visitors to the boundless educational and recreational opportunities in the Oregon Cascades.

The Oregon Cascades Birding Trail is the first project of the Oregon Birding Trails Working Group. The group contains members of various federal and state agencies, plus a host of non-profit organizations and small businesses. Initial funding for the project began with a grant from the National Forest Foundation to the American Bird Conservancy, a founding member of the working group.On the heels of an extensive public site nomination process, project organizers will continue to engage local communities and Oregon birders in various aspects of the project, including site review and project promotion. A variety of businesses and organizations will be sought out to provide additional funding and to assist with community outreach.

The project was dedicated in May 2003, on International Migratory Bird Day, and the project brochure was first distributed to the public in June 2003.


Bob Altman,
Project Manager


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