Oregon Cascades Birding Trail Guide

The complete guide to the Oregon Cascades Birding Trail is available here in a series of Adobe Acrobat (pdf) downloads. To view these you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer (a free download can be obtained from Adobe's Website). Some of these files are large, so download times can be significant for users without broadband internet service. The estimated download times (based on a 56k modem) are given as an aid to modem users. You can choose from the list of downloads below, or click on an area of the trail map to view the section of the guide for that portion of the trail. To view a complete list of sites along the trail, click here.

(2.9MB - 12 minutes)

Checklist and Sponsors 
(124kb - 1 minute)

Mt. Hood Loop Guide
(381kb - 2 minutes)

Mt. Jefferson Loop Guide
(543kb - 5 minutes)

Three Sisters Loop Guide
(514kb - 5 minutes)

Crater Lake Loop Guide
(470kb - 4 minutes)

Mt. McLoughlin Loop Guide
(567kb - 5 minutes)

Complete Guide (all the above sections)
(3.1MB - 15 minutes)

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