Oregon Coast Birding Trail Site Nomination Form

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Please check all criteria that apply to your nominated site and provide any supporting information in the section following this checklist.

Uniqueness of habitat or species
Does the site represent a specific habitat and/or host a population of birds unique in the region or state?

Richness of the birding experience
Does the site host an unusual concentration or diversity of birds (annually or seasonally)?

Environmental resiliency
Could the site withstand public use without compromising habitat quality or threatening sensitive species?

Access to public services
Is the site located near standard services such as auto fuel, food service, lodging, and restrooms?

Economic significance
Does the site lie adjacent to one or more communities that could benefit from increased tourism revenues?

Community support
Do community members and the site owner or managing agency support its inclusion in the project?

Non-birding attractions
Does the site lie adjacent to natural or cultural resources of interest to both birders and non-birders?



* In 200 words or less, please tell us why this site should be included on the Oregon Coast Birding Trail. Include the most common bird species found at the site, any rare or unique species reliably found at the site, the best season(s) for birding in this area, and any specific locations within the site where the birding is especially productive or where visiting birders should search for certain species.




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Should this site also be considered for the Oregon Important Bird Areas program?

(For more information on the Oregon IBA program, visit www.oregoniba.org or call Matt Hunter at 541-752-4604)

Nominations must be received by September 1 2005

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