Nominate a Site for the Oregon Coast Birding Trail

We invite you to help design Oregonís third major birding trail by nominating your favorite birding site for inclusion in the project. The Oregon Coast Birding Trail will be the third of up to nine different trails around Oregon. Each birding trail will utilize existing highways and byways to link individual birding sites into driving tours featuring the diversity of bird species and habitats in the state. Nominations will be solicited separately for each trail.  

The Oregon Birding Trails Working Group may select up to 150 nominated sites to be included in the Oregon Coast Birding Trail. The group will evaluate and rate nominated sites according to the criteria below, and site visits will be conducted following this review process.

Please complete the form as completely as possible to ensure that your nomination receives the best possible attention. Nominations deadline has been extended to September 1 2005.

If you have any questions regarding the form, the Oregon Coast Birding Trail, or Oregon Birding Trails in general, please contact project coordinator Stephen Shunk at 541-408-1753 or e-mail If we have any questions regarding your submission, you may be contacted for clarification. Thank you for your assistance in creating the Oregon Coast Birding Trail!


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