Sites Nominated but Not Selected for Inclusion in the Oregon Cascades Birding Trail

Barlow Trail Road Mt. Hood NF Other sites nearby
Clear Lake Willamette NF Owner/Manager decision
Dexter Reservoir US Army Corps of Engineers Candidate for Willamette Valley Birding Trail
Diamond Lake Sewage Ponds Umpqua NF Access issues
Frying Pan Lake USDA Forest Service Other sites nearby
Hamaker Mt. Winema NF Outside route limits
Hatfield Lake City of Bend Owner/Manager decision
Haystack Reservoir Crooked River National Grasslands Candidate for John Day Country Birding Trail
Howard Prairie Lake Rogue River NF Candidate for Rogue/Umpqua Birding Trail
Hyatt Lake BLM Owner/Manager decision
Indian Ridge Willamette NF Owner/Manager decision
Lenz millpond Lenz Mill Access issues
Lolo Pass Road Mt. Hood NF Lost Creek/Old Maid site nearby
Mayer State Park, Rowena Plateau USDA Forest Service and Nature Conservancy Candidate for John Day Country Birding Trail
Memloose State Park State of Oregon Candidate for John Day Country Birding Trail
Opal Creek, Jawbone Flats USDA Forest Service Owner/Manager decision
Pine Hollow Reservoir   Candidate for John Day Country Birding Trail
Prairie Rd at Huntington Rd. Private Access issues
Quail Run Golf Course Private Access issues
Road 19 Willamette NF Other sites nearby
Rock Creek Reservoir Mt. Hood NF Candidate for John Day Country Birding Trail
The Hook Port of Hood River Other sites nearby
Thompson Reservoir USDA Forest Service Candidate for Basin & Range Birding Trail
Timber Lake Mt. Hood NF Combined with Ripplebrook RS
Trailbridge Reservoir Willamette NF Owner/Manager decision
Wyeth Road Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area Other sites nearby

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